Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Leading Up To Event Opportunities

  • Volunteers are needed to help with luminary sales, setup, and pickup leading up to the day of the event
    • This milestone has concluded

Event Day & After Opportunities

  • Volunteers are needed for setup along the "Mile of Hope" on November 12th
    • Volunteers must sign up separately, please don't sign up once as a group
    • CLICK HERE for details and to sign up for this activity
  • Volunteers are needed to assist with promotion and luminary selling of the "Mile of Hope" on November 12th, and cleanup the day after
    • Volunteers must sign up separately, please don't sign up once as a group
    • CLICK HERE for details and to sign up for this activity

Join Our Volunteer Mailing List

Volunteers are needed all year round!

An event like Cheshire's Lights of Hope is only as successful as the volunteers who make it possible. Whether you have an hour, a day, a week or more, we welcome you to join our exciting effort.  Volunteers of all ages are welcome and we have volunteers who make Cheshire's Lights of Hope a family - or team/club - volunteer project.  Some of the jobs we need help with include:

  • Street captain- to sell luminaries to your neighbors on your street (or any other).
  • Luminary assembly- over the course of two nights, we'll assemble all the luminary kits necessary to illuminate the town.
  • Operations- set up and breakdown takes manpower, and we could use all the help we can get!
  • Clean up- we will need help breaking down the stage from the Congregational Church Green and cleaning it up. More hands make less work for all.
  • Rally volunteer- staff a food booth, provide directions, sell luminaries - it's a fun day to celebrate Cheshire.
  • Committee help- from awards and operations, to volunteers, sponsorships, Youth Ambassadors, and Rally coordination, our executive committee is committed to raising as much money as possible for Cheshire charities. All help is welcome.

Have Questions?

Not sure what you want to do to help? Simply contact volunteer coordinator with your name, telephone contact and email address. We'll point you in the right direction. Thank you!!

Volunteer Hour Requirements

We have made some changes to how we will be signing off of and keeping track of volunteering hours.  There has been some confusion in the past so we thought we should clarify it for this years event.

  1. The Volunteer Coordinator - Edmonde Bernier Jr. - will be the only person capable of signing off on any volunteering hours, and can be reached via our contact us page.
  2. Each person will be required to both sign in and sign out from each volunteering opportunity and sign up through our links, in order to receive credit for their hours. If there is no proof then we will not be able to sign off on your hours.  Our apologies in advance, although there will be no exceptions.
  3. Each Street Captain will receive 10 minutes of volunteering time for every one 'Kit' sold on their street. The Street Captains Order Forms will be used as verification. (Note: this formula has been chosen based on average street orders, as we realize this is not a precise measurement, this is what the committee has decided to use for this year.)
  4. All volunteer hours must be requested to be signed off on by December 1st.  Requests can be sent to the volunteer email address below.  All requests made after December 1st will be denied.
  5. All 'Youth Ambassadors' must provide specific details of every hour accounted for (i.e. - meeting - who was in attendance, time & place, dates of every call and communication made, etc.) using the following CLOH Volunteer Time Sheet* form.
  6. There will be no signing off of hours on the day of the luminary event - signing in and out will be crucial to you receiving your accurate amount of hours.
  7. Please Note: If you choose to partner up or co-captain this year with one or more people, please understand we will split the hours evenly amongst all who share in the "kits" sold. For instance: If 3 siblings captain a street and they sell 48 total kits, they will then split 12 hours amongst the 3 of them evenly (4 volunteer hours for each of them). While we understand this is not always 100% accurate this is what we have adopted as our guideline.
  8. All volunteer hours will be collected and tabulated throughout our multiple events. Only 1 volunteer document will be emailed out for each individual volunteer. You will no longer receive volunteer documents after each event. Please keep track of your hours. You must submit a request for documentation prior to December 1st. Please understand, we deal with hundreds of volunteers over the course of three months, involving multiple events; we will do our best to get your document to you as soon as we can.

If there are any further questions feel free to contact our volunteer coordinator.

Special Thanks to Our Volunteers!

Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers who helped make Cheshire's Lights of Hope current and past luminary events a huge success!

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