First Neighborhood Park Picnic!

On Saturday June 24th, Cheshire Lights of Hope is going to be hosting the first Neighborhood Park Picnic at Mixville Park from 3-7pm, and we are looking for volunteers. It’s a great opportunity for students to gain community service hours, help the community, and also have some fun!

At the Neighborhood Park Picnic, there is going to be hot dogs, hamburgers, and salads from a food standpoint, along with drinks and a beer garden. As for activities to do, there will be games, a silent auction, and two bands performing. All of this fun is a part of the $25 ticket ($100 for a family of 4+ people) excluding wristbands for the beer garden, where the price has yet to be determined.

The Cheshire Lights of Hope organization needs volunteers to help set up and break down the event, handle traffic, sell tickets, run the auction, and assist the bands. Overall, we just need students to help ensure the event goes as smooth as possible!

If you’re interested in volunteering or have any questions surrounding the event, contact our volunteer coordinator Ed Bernier.


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