Cheshire’s Lights of Hope Calls for Volunteers to Connect Community In COVID-19 Crisis

April 1, 2020 - CHESHIRE, CT

During these unprecedented times, and to help overcome the isolation of social distancing and support the health of our community, Cheshire’s Lights of Hope is calling upon its network of over 240 Street Captains and volunteers to participate in the "Neighborhood Connection" program.

Created in partnership with Cheshire’s Human Services Department, Cheshire’s Lights of Hope Street Captains and volunteers will have the opportunity to do periodic outreach and virtual wellness checks on elderly and/or other neighbors who may be isolated during the crisis. Interested Street Captains and volunteers will receive a list of these neighbors with email and phone contact information from the Cheshire's Lights of Hope database.

Anyone interested in adopting their street, streets or the surrounding neighborhood should click REGISTER HERE or visit to register. Just fill out the form and we will be in contact via email shortly with instructions on how this effort will work, lists for outreach and other informational resources.

“We’re asking our volunteers to do what they do best, be amazing neighbors, connect with each other, be a helper and offer support,” said Don Walsh, President of Cheshire’s Lights of Hope. “Together we will help our community stay connected.” The Cheshire's Lights of Hope motto is "Neighbors Helping Neighbors".

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